Achieving and maintaining a 360-wave hairstyle is a process of patience and commitment. Among the products that play a significant role in making a 360 wave include good wave brushes. Brushing is the highlight of the whole wave-making procedure. 

Depending on the hair type and length, your brush choice can range from hard to soft and medium. Choosing the right brush is critical in helping you achieve your desired style, so you should know the type of brush that works for your hair. 

Why You Should Use a Soft Brush for 360 Waves

Soft brushes are used to wave short to medium length and soft textured hair, hence the preferred choice when starting the 360 wave building journey. They are friendly to the scalp and evenly spread a hair product. Soft brushes also give the desired hair shine. Using a hard brush for short hair can irritate the scalp and cause hair breakage. Make sure to visit our main site to see all Crown Original wave brushes: 

Why You Should Use a Medium Brush for 360 Waves

A medium 360 wave brush is an upgrade of a soft brush. It handles hair length that a soft brush can no longer withstand. Medium brushes have stiffer bristles and can reach the roots of the hair without struggle. 

A medium brush can serve you well when on a budget and not in a position to get all three types of brushes. It is a versatile in-between option that protects your hair and scalp from manipulation.

Why You Should Use a Hard Brush for 360 Waves

A hard brush for waves serves you better when your hair is longer, kinkier, and coarse. It is stiffer and can reach the scalp effortlessly when a medium brush fails. 

You still need to retain both soft and medium brushes after upgrading to a hard brush for help with distributing oil or pomade during routine brushing. A hard brush handles hair growth easily without pressuring your scalp, giving you attractive wave contours.

Results to Expect

You can expect great results after using the best brush for waves, hard or soft. The detail is in identifying the right brush for your hair length and texture. Another critical aspect of achieving a perfect wave brush curve lies in the product's brand. 

Many brands offer 360 wave brushes in the market, but quality differs. At this point, you need to rely on metrics like online reviews to select a reliable product like Crown Quality Products. A combination of all the above factors can help you get results like the following:

  • Even distribution of products like oils, lotions, pomade formulas, etc.
  • Shiny, sleek, thicker hair
  • Well-manicured and contoured wave pattern
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Hair protection from thinning and breakage

It is important to note that getting 360 waves relies on more than just brushes, but combining other quality products. Talk of shampoos, conditioners, oils, pomades, bonnets, etc. As you take your time to purchase the best brush, do the same when getting the rest of the 360 wave-making styling products.

Why 360 Wave Brushes From Crown Quality Products? is the originator of the curve wave brush, has been used by most of the top waves, and CQP has more bristle types and designs than any other wave brush company. Whatever your brush need, we have a range of hair products for men and women, including soft, medium, and hard 360 wave brushes. 

We also have other hair products like conditioners, shampoos, and durags. 

Our brushes will help you brush and lay your hair effortlessly, from the beginning stage to your desired hair goals. Contact us today for more information regarding our products and how you can purchase them.



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