What is the fastest way achieve your desired brush style?

It does not matter if you desire a short or long hair style the best way to achieve the hairstyle you desire is to start with well nourished, conditioned hair. Well treated, well conditioned hair is the building blocks of any beautiful, long lasting style. We suggest you use a mild shampoo, and mild conditioner twice a week. You can also use a natural conditioning method that consist of natural aloe vera juice and a couple drops of rosemary oil. You can also add a little of this mix ( palm full of aloe vera and a couple of drops of rosemary ) to your hair conditioner. This combination will leave your hair soft and manageable. You want your hair healthy and strong; the healthier your hair looks the better it will look in any style! When beginning this hair conditioning journey we suggest you do not use heavy pomades, and grease. Try to use a small amount of a all natural oil or pomade every day, or every other day as needed. You want your hair to breath and become naturally nourished and healthy. Also for healthy hair you can eat foods that are high in vitamin D ( many nuts and fruits ), bananas, and avocados are excellent for healthy hair also. For a all natural formula try our Beard Butter, or Beard Oil. Our new Pomade formula is not all natural and is best after your hair has been conditioned for a month or more.

1. Cut your hair low and even.
2. Shampoo hair, rinse and then condition hair.
3. While conditioner in still in your hair, brush hair under running shower with the Crown or Caesar 2.0 for 5-10 min in your desired pattern direction. Use long strait strokes.
4. Rinse excess conditioner out of hair. In Just One session you will see tremendous results!
5. Brush hair dry once out of the shower, and tie down with a CQP Diamond Durag for highest compression. Do not put pomade in hair for 24 hours after shampooing and conditioning session.
6. The next day use CQP Supreme Deep Conditioning hair Pomade, brush and style as desired. After only 2 times of doing this process ( 1-2 times in a 7 day period ) the results will make you a true believer that the Crown & Caesar 2.0 is by far the best brush for waves ever created. GUARANTEED! Note: For longer hair use the Medium to Hard bristle 2.0 brush. For shorter hair use Medium to Soft bristle 2.0 brush. Visit our main site to see all Crown original wave brushes:  Crownqualityproducts.com 



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