If you have coarse to moderately coarse hair, start with our hard or medium brush. Our hard brush will straighten your hair like no other, these bristles are not common on the men’s hair brush market, and are NOT Nylon, nylon bristles do not work very well on ethnic hair. Our bristles are our trade secrete and what makes are brushes more effective than any other; these bristles have the most grip and pull, thus straightening the hair. Our medium brushes are mixed with some of these bristles and also boar bristles for the grip & pull, the boar bristles mixed in help lay the hair. Our medium-firm brushes also have mixed bristles so they are great for beginning stages as well. The rest of the bristle types are all boar, and all great daily groomers. If your hair is soft use begin with our medium-soft or soft brushes. If your hair is very soft we suggest our Cognac extra soft brush. For polishing your hair and giving it that finishing touch use our 2x soft Mohair brush. Our Mohair brush will shine and lay every loose hair strand like no other on the market.

What is the best brush to use in the shower?

When shower brushing you want a brush that will comb all the way through the hair to the scalp. We highly recommend using a Hard or Medium bristle 2.0 brush. The Hard bristle 2.0 brushes are entirely synthetic Flex Bristles, and the Medium 2.0 brushes are approx. 30% Flex bristles. Both of these brushes will comb all the way to the scalp, detangle and straighten your hair. We Do Not suggest using a Soft or Medium-Soft 100% boar bristle brush in the shower ( A Medium-Firm boar bristle brush is OK to use in the shower ). Softer boar bristle brushes will not give you the grip and pull needed to comb and detangle your hair in the shower. Also Boar bristles are hair, and when hair gets wet, and stays wet it will start to break down and even mold ( think of cleaning hair out of a sink that has been there for a while, it starts to turn to mush! ). When using the Medium or Medium-Firm brushes in the shower that have boar bristles mixed with flex bristles; let the brush dry out before using it again in the shower so it can air out and the bristles can go back to their firmer state.

What Du-rag is best for my hair?

Silky du-rags are ok but tend to still move and slide while wearing overnight. If you wear a satin durag, make sure to tie it tight before bed. Velvet durags look cool, and are comfortable, but in all actuality are not very good for compressing the hair, and making deep uniform waves. Also velvet durags do not allow the hair to breathe well, and create that deep wave look. Velvet durags are great for braids and also longer hairstyles. The best thing for compressing the hair in all honesty are good old fashion stocking caps; but stocking caps also move and if you twist it tight using a penny in the front it will leave a deep line on your forehead. Stocking material works well because it breathes and compresses. For a deeper wave look you want to use a stocking. As stated before the stocking does not stay in place well so what to do? For this reason we developed the Diamond Compression Du-rag, which is lined with a thin stocking material and its outer is a 2 way stretch ( 4 way stretch du-rags are horrible for waves ), this locks the durag in place and does not move during sleep. The Diamond Du-rag locks so well that even if it comes untied it may stay in place. All CQP designs are geared towards great results first and foremost. For this reason The Diamond Ultra Compression Du-rag took years to develop.



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